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Quality Garage Door Repair Company In San Antonio Since 2005

garage doors company in San Antonio tx


We expert in all the garage door openers drive type: belt, screw, chain and direct.


A lot of the parts and even the door itself will get worn down and eventually get spoiled.


We specialize in all kinds of commercial and residential garage door installation services


Our team is a group of specialists that provide 24 hour garage door repair service in San Antonio.

Our company

There are already many garage door repair companies today, and being at the top of the competition can mean a lot. However, it is not easy to be at the top, and this is the continuous challenge that every garage door repair team is facing. In San Antonio, this challenge is evident. Customers in San Antonio are always searching for the best option possible in almost everything, and their demands for being the best are always changing and increasing. In choosing the garage door repair team to hire, people in San Antonio are looking for an established company while it still offers fair rate in its services and fast respondent to requests. Nowadays, having all of these criteria in one company is a very rare thing, and not all company can afford to offer all of these things. Thankfully, we at Garage Door Repair San Antonio are always ready for this challenge to be the first choice in bringing the best garage door repair service to the people of San Antonio. With our many years of experience in garage doors, we are able to take a spot at the top of the competition. We make sure that our people are properly equipped with enough knowledge about garage doors to give you the best service you could ever experience in a garage door repair team. You can also be assured that our team is professional enough to be trusted, especially in this industry where we help secure the things that secure your home like your garage door.

Our expertise

We know how hard it is to have a broken garage door. Aside from the hassle of looking knowing what the real problem is, most of the time, you still have to search everything in the internet for possible solutions to cut your expenses. Truly, time is not only the thing that is being wasted but also your effort and a lot of brain cells. That’s why garage door repair companies are here to live with all of these headaches. However, not every garage door company is the perfect choice. There are some that will live up your expectations while there are some that will just give you poor services. On the other hand, there are also garage door companies that can give you more than what you have expected. In San Antonio, the best garage door repair company exceeds all of their customers’ expectations. This is why we at Tyler Garage Door Repair are considered the cream of the crop of our industry. Our garage door expertise starts from the installation of your garage door until the maintenance of it. We can also repair it in case it got broken or simply when it already worn down through time. Simply put, we know everything you need to know about garage door, and we can surely deliver tasks well-done. With the latest technology and latest techniques we got from our years of experience in the garage door repair industry, you could be assured that every penny that you will be paying for our service is going to be worth it.

Our Values

Many garage door repair companies are promising “exceptional” services but fail to live up with its set company values. For us at Tyler Garage Door Repair, our company values are the core of who we really are as a team. Aside from the great service we provide for every client that we have, we also make sure that everyone in our team practices integrity at work, professionalism when talking to customers, quality in every task, and humor. First, we make sure that we live up the true essence of integrity in our jobs. Since garage door is one agent of security for your home, being honest in everything we do is our great asset why past customers keep on going back for our service. Secondly, we always remember that the way we talk to our customers should always be in a professional way. This professionalism is more on the way we explain things to our customers like when they want to know something in what we do or something about garage doors, especially on tips in maintenance. Third, we always make sure that quality in our tasks is our top priority. This means that we do not stop until our job is done with great efficiency. Lastly, even though we want to be seen as professional and knowledgeable individuals in this field, we do not forget to put humor in our work. Through this, we are not just releasing the pressures among our team, but we are also sharing the good vibes to our customers.

Our Culture

Garage doors are very important. They make life more convenient for you to protect your car or anything inside your garage while being another passageway through your house. Thus, these things are also vital in securing your whole house. Because of this, the garage door repair industry is a very serious industry. Garage door repair companies are required to be trustworthy and customer centric. At Tyler Garage Door Repair in San Antonio, we take customers’ trust and satisfaction as the main things that make up our company’s backbone. Therefore, we do our best to give our service the extra mile. When we repair a garage door for a customer, we do not just go there, fix it, and leave. We also take time to explain to our customers why we have to do those things to repair their garage door or give them the best pieces of advice when maintaining the perfect working condition of their garage doors. Through this, we are not just doing our job but also sharing our vast knowledge about garage doors. Internally, we also make sure that everyone of us in our team enjoys our work. So, we take advantage of trainings and internal events. Through these things, we are fostering camaraderie among ourselves, which can be shown in our teamwork when we do tasks for our customers. In our company, we are sure that we do not only give the best service to our customers but also make the best working culture among ourselves.